Abby was featured in the People section of the Rockford Register Star in May 2010.

Three years ago I had the amazing opportunity to study in Europe for a semester. While I was there, I dreaded the thought of having to repeatedly tell a million of my closest friends and family the same stories; instead I started an elementary blog so they could all read a story I only had to tell once.

After my mother published my blog’s web address in our church bulletin it became a viral hit. Since I’ve returned to the States many people have asked me to continue writing about my adventures and thoughts on life.

Being a Public Relations major at Harding University in Searcy, AR required me to take a class that demanded an update in a weekly blog format, and what I once saw as a homework assignment has developed into a way for me to let people see a fragment of my dramatic elaborations on particular events in my life.

Side note – Most of the posts in March are from my second trip to Italy.

Hope you enjoy, visit often, and happy reading.

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